Veterans' Memorial

Saline County Veterans' Memorial Committee

Ron Corbett
Lyle Bartels

Bernice Weber Treasurer, SCVM
P.O. Box 251
Dorchester, NE 68343-0251

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Kiosk completion ends the second stage - news article

Program for Dedication Ceremony

play videoAugust 4, 2011
Setting the monolith video



Saline County Memorial Project

  • Phase I  - construction of the Plaza – which is 37’ across, pentagon, obelisk, two flag poles and lights
  • Phase II – Installation of the kiosk hardware and software
  • Phase III – Installation of the brick murals, benches, any additional flag poles and lights

The Pentagon will be approximately 6’ tall, and the black granite obelisk will rise an additional 8’ above the pentagon. The walls of the pentagon will eventually have brick murals 5’8” wide and 3’4” tall, and have brick murals showing a tank, battleship, jet and an eagle. These will be completed in Phase III.

The obelisk will have etchings of soldiers from each of the services and a female soldier.

There are 6 armed services flags showing around the outside, but those won’t be going in until later (more funding is needed).

Concept-E in the gallery shows the memorial from the north, and the little rectangle on the wall is where the kiosk will be.

Two 25’ flag poles for the US flag and NE flag will be located on the north side of the memorial. They will be lit by 3 in-ground fixtures per pole.