Juvenile Diversion

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Anita Stougard

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2nd ChancePurpose:

The Saline County youth diversion program is based on the belief that not all cases are best handled through a formal court process. Thus, ‘juvenile pretrial diversion’ is a voluntary program available to youth ages 11-18 (18 if still enrolled in high school at time of offense) charged with an offense before adjudication.

Youth are referred to a pretrial diversion program by their county attorney or city attorney who determines the eligibility of the alleged offender. Participation diverts the youth from involvement in the juvenile justice system and into a program that offers a continuum of requirements and services.

Juvenile pretrial diversion is a positive alternative to juvenile court and can provide more appropriate methods to youth charged with an offense, providing better outcomes for the youth. The end result of successfully completing a juvenile pretrial diversion program is dismissal or non-filing of the diverted case. 

Charges that may qualify youth for Diversion eligibility:

  • MIP
  • Misdemeanor shoplifting
  • Possession of marijuana, less than 1oz.
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Simple trespass
  • Assault in the 3rd degree, no serious bodily injury
  • Assault in the 3rd degree, mutual consent
  • Disturbing the peace

To learn more or ask questions regarding the Saline County Juvenile Diversion Program, please use the contact information found on the left of this page.