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PO Box 911
Wilber, NE 68465


911 S Main
Wilber, NE 68465


Saline County Sheriff's Office

The Saline County Sheriff's
Department's K9 "Indy"
Receives Ballistic Vest

Alan Moore


The Saline County Sheriff's Office is located in Wilber, Nebraska. Based in the Saline County Law Enforcement Center, deputy sheriffs respond to emergencies, accidents and crime throughout Saline County.

Saline County Sheriff's Office has the experience, resources, and knowledge to handle any issue that comes up. Staff receives up to date training both in and out of state and the equipment used is modern. Fighting crime and keeping the general public in the county safe are top priorities for everyone working at the Saline County Sheriff's Office.

The Sheriff's Office is responsible for the county jail. The jail houses inmates convicted in Saline County, as well as contracted beds for surrounding counties and the Federal U.S. Marshal Service. The jail facilities are among the most modern in Nebraska, with the most recent addition being completed in 2007. Fees collected from housing federal inmates contribute significant revenue to Saline County.

The Saline County Sheriff's Office regularly responds to traffic incidents, works crimes ranging from vandalism and misdemeanors, to homicide and violent crime, and serves drug related search warrants throughout Saline County.