Ag Society & Fair Board
  • Board President: Bryce Horak, Western
  • Vice President: Bill Voss, Friend
  • Secretary: Wessley Kohout, Friend
  • Treasurer: Lou Hajek,  Wilber
  • Board Member: Ryan Keller, Crete
  • Board Member: Deanna Brakhage, Tobias
  • Board Member: Robert Lorenz, Crete
  • Board Member: Theresa Vernon, Crete
  • Board Member: Spencer Wessels, Friend
  • Board Member: Tim Keller, Crete
  • Board Member: Kent Musil, Western
  • Board Member: Brandon Zoubek, Milligan

Ag Society Minutes

The Saline County Agricultural Society Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit public benefit corporation, is responsible for the operation of the annual Saline County Fair and management of the Society's facilities in Tuxedo Park, Crete, Nebraska.

For over 120 years, the Saline County Fair has brought together young and old to showcase their talents in a variety of venues and we provide an ongoing effort to improve the Saline County Fair, its features and facilities through property tax and donation-supported funding.

The Ag Society, commonly known as the Fair Board, is governed by a group of 11 duly elected representatives from throughout the fair's service area.